The industry is in a leading position
In-depth expertise
Excellent technical experience
Products are sold to the world
CO-DRIP takes a leading role in the irrigation system automated production technology and Geotechnical industry, as following:
* Irrigation product automatical assemble & sorting system, for PC flat dripper, round dripper and other plastic emitter, irrigation pipe fitting;

 * Irrigation pipe production line with flat & cylinder dripper;

 * Agricultural PE & PVC layflat hose extrusion line;

 * Precision irrigation dripper mold (512 cavity, 6 seconds cycle time);

 * Supply Nano flat drippers;

 * Geo strapping production line; Geocell, Geomembrane waterproof sheet production line.

Drip Irrigation
Dripper Mold
Dripper Products
Pipe Extrusion
GEO Technology
Individual Devices
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